A Guide to Understanding Physical Therapy

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Despite the many positive results that can be achieved through physical therapy, many individuals are still misinformed about why and when to seek this type of care. We put together a list of commonly heard misconceptions to getting physical therapy treatments and break them down to give you the facts. Do these sound familiar to you? What additional things you … Read More

Kinetic Chain Approach for Ankle and Foot Injuries

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Kinetic Chain Approach for ankle and foot injuries

At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we evaluate ankle and foot injuries by using a Kinetic Chain Approach. ‘Kinetic’, meaning movement, and ‘Chain’, relating to the coordination of individual joint movements to create functional movement like walking, running and playing sports. When there is dysfunction or misalignment of any joints along the kinetic chain, it has the potential to create an injury down at the foot and ankle.

How is Misalignment Hurting Your Body?

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How is Misalignment Hurting Your Body? The Dynamic Balancing Act of the Foot

The importance of your feet cannot be overstated. Your foot is a complex structure consisting of 26 bones, 30 joints, and 4 intricate layers of muscles and ligaments to create a strong, elastic foot arch. The dynamic relationship between the arch, bones, ligaments and muscles creates the ability to absorb up to 400 times your body weight and seamlessly translate that force into functional movement (walking, running, jumping). 

Snowboarding Exercises for Ankle Flexibility and Proper Movement Mechanics

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Prepare your body for a fun time on the snowy slopes with these 3 exercises. The following exercises are designed specifically for Snowboarding. They emphasize the importance of ankle flexibility, while learning to bend at the knees and keeping a relaxed straight back. Exercise #1: Snowboard Squats We’re providing you with two versions of this exercise: Regular Foot Position with … Read More

A Runner’s Guide to New York City

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Running can be a grounding, stress-relieving habit that just happens to be great for exercising your body as well. We’ve compiled a guide to everything you need to know when it comes to running in NYC.

How to Play Golf for Decades- Without Any Back Pain!

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A Recent Case Study Reveals the Importance of Proper Body Mechanics in Preventing Lower Back Pain When it Comes to Golf Around 16 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain and the resulting physical limitations- that’s 8% of all adults. And what’s more, 65 million Americans have experienced a recent episode of back pain. If that sounds like a lot, … Read More