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Our Mindful Yoga Program

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we strive to assist you in finding that balance of the body physically and mentally which is why we have incorporated weekly yoga classes in addition to the other wellness offerings we provide. 

We encourage Yoga to be a part of the Physical Therapy process and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.  Tara Lynch, a JFPT trainer and 300 hour Perri Institute of Mind and Body Certified instructor, will lead classes on Saturday. Come join us and find your own union with your body and your mind.

Our Mindful Yoga class is open to all levels and is perfect for those who are trying to get back into Yoga. We offer a small class size in order to focus on specific injuries one may have. It helps those who have injuries expand their awareness of their body and their injury, as well as creating a connection with the mind and pain they may be experiencing.

This Mindful Yoga class will consist of gentle movement, breath work, stretching, and supported restorative yoga poses. This class is perfect for beginner and those looking for a deeper mind-body connection. Our goal is to have one become more in touch with themselves and gain knowledge to readjust and help ease pain their everyday lives. The pace of this particular class allows its practitioners to have an understanding of their bodies and how to move forward with Yoga.

Class Times

Saturdays: 10:15 am - 11:15 am (Virtual)

Yoga and Physical Therapy

How Yoga Can Go Along With Physical Therapy

Practitioners of our Mindful Yoga class are more aware of their bodies and maneuver the muscles to help reduce pain in certain areas. All the therapists at JFPT will be in constant contact with Tara to aide in the Physical Therapy process. You will learn what works and what doesn’t for your body. Yoga will aide in the physical therapy treatment by improving stability, focus, strength and flexibility that will hopefully continue with you into the PT treatment. If you want to continue with a practice long-term, this is the perfect program for you.

If you feel Yoga will be beneficial to you, check with your therapist at JFPT or give us a call to get more information.

Four Ways Physical Therapy and Yoga Can Complement Each Other

1. Improved Muscle Response
2. Faster Recovery
3. Treat Multiple Problems
4. Body and Mind

Take a look at the article below to learn more!
August 2017 - Ivy Rehab Network

Meet Your Yoga Instructor: Tara Lynch

Tara Lynch, originally from Ohio, came to New York to study dance at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She graduated with a degree in Dance Performance , Child and Adolescent Psychology, a first degree in Reiki. She was certified and licensed as a yoga teacher and Mind Body Dancer ® teacher through the Perri Institute of Mind and Body. She has taught Vinyasa yoga in yoga, barre and dance studios, in gyms and schools in New York and Boston. She also works one on one with clients at a wellness center, providing yoga as a part of a holistic treatment program.

Private sessions are available!

  • Your sessions are personalized to fit your body's best movement capacity
  • Schedule based on your availability
  • Sessions take place right in our studio
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Tara Lynch yoga teacher at James Fowler physical therapy in Union Square, New York City