Teletherapy and The Power of Observation

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Author: James Fowler PT, ACSM, DEAS (Founder of James Fowler Physical Therapy) Teletherapy and the Journey of Learning  As a physical therapist for the last 26 years, I felt that I knew and had developed a successful method for treating clients comprehensively, effectively, and to the best of my ability. However, sometimes an unusual circumstance–such as a worldwide pandemic–not only … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Your Frozen Shoulder

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Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as Frozen Shoulder has many different ideologies. The most frequent cause of Frozen Shoulder is an injury to the shoulder that causes excessive inflammation and pain. If the pain is excessive, and the patient prevents movement of the shoulder, scar tissue can form in the shoulder capsule. The scar tissue or adhesion limit the elasticity … Read More