3 Reasons Why Running In the Winter is Beneficial for Your Body

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As the temperature gets colder, it’s important to discover the benefits to working out in cooler temperatures.

  1. Running in Cold Weather is Actually Better For Your Body

According to Shape, the cold provides optimal weather for running since there is less heat stress on your body, which actually makes it easier to run in cold weather! Running in the winter can help boost your mood, not to mention the trails are generally less populated. Plus, it will help you stay active during a time period that’s typically spent indoors. 

  1. You Burn More Energy

Due to the lower temperatures, your heart works harder to improve circulation. At the same time, you burn brown fat. Humans have 3 different types of fat cells- brown, beige, and white. Brown fat is the type that produces heat in order to maintain your body’s temperature in cooler weather. Some people may say that it burns calories “like a furnace!” Just another great excuse for a substantial, healthy meal once you finish your run! 

  1. You’ll Drink More Water

If you’re not hydrating enough, running in the winter will definitely help. With the colder weather outside, your body will still produce sweat, but will evaporate faster the colder it is. Be sure to drink more fluids before, during, and after your run. Your body is working hard to keep you warm, treat it well and give it the water you need! 

Be Smart- Stay Cautious!

There are certain things to pay special attention to as the temperature drops. 

Remember to layer properly in order to regulate your body temperature- if you underdress, you are at risk for hypothermia and if you overdress, you can risk your body overheating. Removable layers allow maximum control and can easily be tied around your waist as you run.

Another thing to consider is the weather conditions. Even though it may be sunny, the roads could be icy, or the wind chill could be in the negative temperatures. In both cases you should absolutely avoid going for a run. You are at greater risk for injury or illness in these scenarios.

According to Greatist, it is also wise to avoid running in the rain during the winter months. When your body is wet, whether it is from water or sweat, it struggles to regulate temperature and actually draws heat away from your body. 

The best advice? Be observant and listen to your body! After all, no one knows you better!

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