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Stay in                        the Game!

Overhead Athlete Program

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

Our program is dedicated to helping individuals reduce risk of injury and maximize performance through an integrated approach of elite one on one physical therapy and detailed mechanics training.

When treating overhead injuries, our physical therapists use their expertise in movement science to identify specific biomechanical impairments. These impairments create breaks in the kinetic chain and lead to improper timing, thereby increasing the risk of injury. After identifying causative factors, an individualized program will be devised incorporating a combination of skilled manual therapy, corrective mobility/strengthening exercises, and mechanics retraining. The goal is to correct impairments and transition the athlete back to their respective sport.

The athlete will obtain a deep understanding of proper overhead mechanics. They will learn how to transfer force and power though the entire kinetic chain, perform movement efficiency, and ultimately reduce injury risks while optimizing performance.

                     What to Expect from the                         Overhead Athlete Program

Key Principles
  • Postural Restoration
  • Correction of Muscle Imbalances
  • Optimizing Mobility and Stability
  • Education on Developing Power through the Entire Kinetic Chain 
Physical Therapy for Athletes in New York City Manhattan
  • Enhance Skill and Performance 
  • Reduce Injury Risk 
  • Rehabilitate from Existing Injury or Surgery 
  • Maximize Movement Efficiency 
  • Meet YOUR Specific GOAL

Four Critical Components

Meet Your Physical Therapists:

James Fowler PT, ACSM, CJames Fowler - Physical Therapist in NYCEAS, Founder

is one of the lead physical therapists of the Overhead Athlete Program at JFPT. James specializes in sports medicine and movement science, with over 30 years of experience treating athletes. James coordinated the Motion Analysis Laboratory at Beth Israel Medical Center, developing evaluative tools used to analyze running, golfing, and throwing mechanics. He is a former D1 middle distance runner at University of California.