A Valuable Guide to Choosing the Perfect Running Shoe in NYC

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At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we are passionate about running. We want you to find the best shoe for your specific needs. Finding the right running shoe is crucial for maximizing comfort, preventing injuries, and enhancing your running experience. With the vibrant running culture in New York City, it’s essential to choose a shoe that suits your needs and the … Read More

Training to Run Your First Marathon: How to Prepare

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So you’ve decided to run your first marathon, how exciting! Let James Fowler Physical Therapy help you with a marathon training timeline to ensure that you gradually build your endurance, strength and prevent injuries. Remember, this timeline is a general guideline, and it’s important to listen to your body and adapt the plan to your individual needs and fitness level. … Read More

The Benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics for Health and Sports Performance

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The Benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics | James Fowler Physical Therapy in Union Square, NYC

The Dynamic Balancing Act of The Foot Series – Part 4 Tamir Kfir orthotics are tailored precisely for your foot in order to provide support exactly where you need it. These custom-shaped inserts fit the size and contours of your feet and help improve your quality of life and sports performance.  Let’s look at the overall health benefits for Customized … Read More

How to Benefit from Customized Orthotics for an Active or Athletic Lifestyle

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How to Benefit from Customized Orthotics for an Active or Athletic Lifestyle

Years ago, Fowler noticed how challenging and frustrating it was to try to rehab a patient’s ankle, foot, or knee injury after they had been wearing hard orthotics for years. At a certain point, most cases showed that the body had unfortunately grown accustomed to the orthotics, forgetting that there is, in fact, an insert in the shoe responsible for supporting their foot and ankle! According to Fowler, this is not very advantageous for an active person. Instead, it is crucial for the foot to remain dynamic and work in tandem with the ankle to achieve balance with the ground, then continue that balance further up the chain – past the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, and spine all the way to head.

Discover Video Analysis, Now Offered at JFPT!

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The Movement and Sports Lab is Now Enabled with Video Analysis to Better Help Your Recovery Process The way your body moves says a lot about your pain and your performance. With our expertise, and our NEW video analysis software, our PTs and movement trainers can help discover and analyze your habitual movement patterns. We’ll give you a personalized treatment … Read More

Marathon Interval Training

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Woman Running in a Park

Author: Christina Ramirez, PT, DPT I have run three marathons to date, and multiple half marathons. At first, my goal was just to finish the races without getting injured, but during my latest marathon, I set a time goal. I decided that the best way to beat my past times was to train more on hills and include intervals in my … Read More

Working Out in the Winter: Should You Do It?

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Surprise! You probably thought winter was coming to an end… and then “unexpectedly” New York City received 6 inches of snow after a 2 week streak of 50 degree+ temperatures. All around, runners were happily taking advantage of the warm weather. If you were not one of them, you were certainly dodging them on every city block. For those runners, … Read More

Post NYC Marathon: Christina Ramirez

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We did it fellow marathoners! Whether you were a first timer like me, or experienced, we passed that finish line during Sunday’s New York City Marathon and completed a momentous goal! Of course, after that much physical activity, the muscle soreness is inevitable. I am personally in the midst of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) today and hating every time … Read More

NYC Marathon Training (Part 3) The Anterior Tibialis a.k.a Shin Muscle

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By: Christina Ramirez DPT, CKTP  We are about five weeks away from the New York City Marathon which means running longer distances than most runners are used to running. I had an on-again, off-again running routine of about 15-20 miles per week leading up to training for the marathon. I have also run numerous half marathons, two on back-to-back days, but … Read More