Learn to Sit, 

Stand, and Move.

Learn to Sit, 

Stand, and Move. 

Workplace Ergonomic Center Program

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

The Egonomic Center provides individualized workstation assessments with practical hands on posture, alignment and movement coaching.

Our goal is to help patients feel and work better by creating a dynamic work space and teaching proper sitting and standing mechanics. We are partnered with Creative Office Pavilion to offer a wide array of Herman Miller Chairs, Desks, and Technology support.

A Three-Step Approach

We begin with a 45 minute evaluation. This ergonomic assessment is the basis of our program and informs our recommendations. This evaluation is broken down into three parts:

Workplace Assessment

An assessment of current workspace and work tools using detailed photos. The required photos should include pictures of patient's chair and 3 photos of patient sitting at desk from 3 angles: 

  • Side profile
  • Behind view
  • Wide angle that includes the entire work area


Sitting and Standing Evaluation

A JFPT therapist will assess the patient's sitting and standing posture, movement tendencies and daily pain points. Special attention will be directed to the patient's work environment and its affects on alignment, core connection, lower extremity support and upper extremity position.



Following the work place assessment, patients are coached on how to create a more dynamic work place promoting healthier posture, better alignment, and efficiency. The session includes the dynamics of Sitting, Standing and Moving in the office and how these dynamics can be exercised and customized to fit the patient's work life. Each patient will be educated on chair and desk dynamics. Monitor position with particular attention to visual deficiency. Further evaluation will be given to assess how well the current desk environment can be adjusted.

Our Partners

Ergonomics are becoming an increasingly important part of our professional lives, since work is where we spend most of our time. We help you avoid unnecessary pain and repetitive stress injuries with our workplace ergonomic center program.

We work with a variety of New York's working professionals, serving both individuals looking to improve their posture and organizations encouraging a healthier and more balanced workplace.

We offer:

  • Individualized and workplace-centric evaluations
  • Herman Miller ergonomic chairs, desks, and technology support
  • Training and support to ensure your success
  • A way to work better, hurt less, and get more done

Herman Miller Ergonomic Portal

Through our partnership with Creative Office Pavilion, we are able to offer Herman Miller ergonomic chairs, deks, and technology support.

Contact us to access the Herman Miller Ergonomic Portal to see a variety of ergonomic products designed to make life a little easier. 



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