Bike Fitting Program

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

“The body is not parts all stacked up, it’s a complex organism. Bicycles are complex too.
The goal is to make body and bike work together efficiently as a unit.” - Happy Freedman

James Fowler Physical Therapy has partnered with internationally recognized expert in bike fit, Happy Freedman.

"Bike fit unplugged" is the philosophy behind Happy Freedman's revolutionary approach to bike fitting, driven by the rider's anatomy, medical history, cycling experience, and riding goals. Going beyond gadgets and software, bike fit unplugged redefines what a bike fit is, and in the process places the cyclist in their best position yet. 

Happy will be available for bike fit appointments at our Union Square, NYC location. This specialty program will address a rider’s individual needs and focus on posture, breathing, and the use of antagonist muscles. This program is a benefit for riders at all levels, from professionals to recreational cyclists.

Happy fits the cyclist first, then adapts the bike, to address the individual needs of the rider and to develop an evidence-based protocol for bike fitting.

Bike Fit Services

Evaluation and recommendations for posture, breathing technique, equipment changes, necessary to make you efficient and comfortable on your current bike (road, tri, mountain, hybrid, commuter, cyclocross, gravel, bicycle polo).

Session includes measuring your bike, flexibility and balance evaluation, discussion of riding technique and style, identifying sources of discomfort when riding.

As follow up, you will receive an overview of our session, including equipment suggestions, and recommendations to improve your cycling.
(90 minutes or more)

Pre-fit evaluation with James Fowler P.T prior to your bike fit for initial recommendations.

With cycling often taking place indoors, proper fit will improve your experience. Schedule a home visit or tele-visit via zoom or facetime.
(55 minutes)

Sometimes we can resolve smaller issues via a phone call or zoom consultation.
(25 minutes) 

Meet Your Bike Fitter: Happy Freedman

Happy Freedman is an innovator and internationally recognized expert in the field of bike fit. Over the past 15 years, Happy has been instrumental in developing the first hospital-based clinical bike fit program in North America, during his tenure at Hospital for Special Surgery. There, he also worked with exercise physiologists, physical therapists, and medical researchers in the motion lab.

He has presented on bike fit at the International CycleFit Symposium in London, Science in Cycling at the Grand Depart of the Tour de France, numerous events throughout the United States and is a founding faculty member of the Medicine of Cycling Conference held annually at USA Cycling in Colorado. He is on the advisory committee of IBFI, the International Bike Fit Institute.

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