Exercises to Prepare you for Skiing

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Use these 4 exercises to prepare your body for the first time on the slopes this winter.

This winter season, have fun on the slopes and ski for a longer period of time by conditioning your body with an exercise plan put together for you by James Fowler himself!

These four exercises will work on your hips and core muscles which help increase your overall strength, which in turn, will also provide balance and proper alignment on your skis.

#1 Squat and hold with a Physio Ball

Works on hip and core strength

  1. Perform squat motion by initiating from your hips. 
  2. Reach the ball up forward with straight arms.
  3. Hold for 3-5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Tip: Try to refrain tightening your lower back and lifting from your Ribcage 

#2 Crab Walks with Theraband

Works on hips and core muscles

  1. Initiate the exercise in a low squat position with TheraBand positioned above both knees.
  2. Take lateral steps, maintaining squat position.
  3. Take 8 steps to left and then reverse the direction.
  4. Repeat 2 times

Helps with hip, knee and foot alignment

#3 Lateral Leaps

  1. Take the single leg squats and leap to the opposite side. 
  2. Land in a controlled manner, keep balance on one leg, and move into a single squat position.
  3. Return to the other side by leaping to the opposite foot.  
  4. Repeat this 5 times to right and 5 times to left.

#4 Single Leg Squats

Works on core muscles and balance

Modification: Use a wall to help you balance!

  1. Similar to the double leg squat, send your hips down and back, refrain from tightening the back.  
  2. Go to a comfortable depth and then return to stand.  
  3. Maintain the hip, knee, and foot alignment. 
  4. Repeat 10 times

Modified Exercise for Single Leg Squats: Single Leg Forward Bends

  1. Start by standing on one leg while bending forward from the hips.  
  2. The standing leg is slightly flexed at the knee, while the opposite leg reaches straight back with a straight knee.  
  3. Keep the back straight as you bend forward and maintain balance on one leg.  
  4. Maintain control so only go as far as you maintain balance on one leg.  
  5. Return to a starting position and repeat the same leg 5 times, 
  6. Switch to the other leg and complete the movement 5 times
  7. Repeat this 5 times to right and 5 times to left.

Plus! For those of you who are skiing for the first time, make sure you take a lesson with an instructor, it’s the best way to stay safe!

This is the first of a multiple series of exercises that will be designed to supplement your exercise plan for your activities and sports.  Stay tuned!

Please note:  This article is intended solely as supplemental information to your exercise plan. No internet article or video can replace proper instruction and experience. Your safety is important to us. Be sure you’re practiced in proper techniques and safety requirements before you engage in any outdoors activity.

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