6 Stretches to Minimize Back Pain

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Back pain can be debilitating and extremely frustrating, and there are many reasons that can cause back pain, but one of the common causes is decreased flexibility. Stretching your body through active movements and static stretches can be the key to keeping a well-balanced musculoskeletal system and alleviating lower back pain. However, it is important to note that stretching should … Read More

Marathon Interval Training

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Woman Running in a Park

Author: Christina Ramirez, PT, DPT I have run three marathons to date, and multiple half marathons. At first, my goal was just to finish the races without getting injured, but during my latest marathon, I set a time goal. I decided that the best way to beat my past times was to train more on hills and include intervals in my … Read More

Hip Mobility & Staying Limber

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Movement Therapy

Hip pain is often associated with getting old, but it can happen to anyone. Each particular hip condition can differ in severity with treatment decided on a case by case basis.  If you find yourself in some serious pain, there are a few things you can do before calling us. The Hip This crucial joint is a combination of bone, … Read More

Why & How to Warm-Up Your Muscles Before Exercising

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Movement Therapy

By: Christina Ramirez, James Fowler PT’s resident marathon crusher and staff physical therapist. During the winter season, I get many questions from patients asking what is the best way to safely warm up cold muscles. I respond that it is important to warm up your muscles before a workout to enhance muscle performance and decrease soreness. Cold muscles do not have the … Read More

10-Minute Office Stretch Break

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It’s 12:30 pm, and you have been sitting for 3 hours. Your body is not only hungry for a satisfying meal, but it’s also hungry for movement. It’s time to move your body. Take ten, with this 10-minute stretch break that works your body from the ground up! Warm Up-1 minute We begin our stretching with a small lateral walk … Read More

Improving Your Posture: It May Be a Pain in the Butt, But It Will Help Prevent a Pain in the Neck!

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“Stand up straight.” A phrase we may have heard as we stood in line outside of our elementary classrooms or as we prepared to enter a family gathering with our parents. Yet, our spine itself isn’t actually straight. Perhaps the phrase should be: “Stand up curved.” Mayfield Clinic describes the curves of the spine as forming an S-shape. Viewed from … Read More

Text Neck: How to Correct the Problem and Ease the Pain

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In our modern day society, if you don’t own a smart phone, you are part of the vast minority. According to a survey by Deloitte, an average person checks their phone 46 times a day. That’s a lot of time spent looking down. You might have begun to experience a tightness in the back of your neck, and probably assumed … Read More

5 Restorative Yoga Poses For Any Age and Physical Ability

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Following a back injury, it is difficult to return to a regular routine. A lot of time is spent trying to heal and strengthen your back. Stretching, relaxing and managing stress will help heal any back pain. Restorative yoga poses use gravity to release muscular tension without strain in the hips or back.  During these restorative poses, deep breathing allows … Read More

NYC Marathon Training (Part 3) The Anterior Tibialis a.k.a Shin Muscle

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By: Christina Ramirez DPT, CKTP  We are about five weeks away from the New York City Marathon which means running longer distances than most runners are used to running. I had an on-again, off-again running routine of about 15-20 miles per week leading up to training for the marathon. I have also run numerous half marathons, two on back-to-back days, but … Read More