Four Women Who Inspire and Impact Physical Therapy Methodology

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As we close Women’s History Month, we want to reflect on contributions made by women to the world of Physical Therapy and how that has transferred into the treatment approach at James Fowler P.T.

We continuously celebrate the many change-makers that have pushed the advancements of Physical Therapy in the work that we do. But the work of the following four women is just an example of the many that impact the field and continue to inspire us on an individual level.

The Benefits of Collaboration Between Your Specialist and Physical Therapist – Part 2

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After collaborating for many years, Dr. Bartoli and James have established a pattern of understanding the root cause of a patient’s pain/injury. In this second part of the interview, they tell us about their approach and how it benefits a patient’s overall health care. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity. Click here for part 1 of … Read More

The Benefits of Collaboration Between Your Specialist and Physical Therapist – Part 1

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James Fowler Physical Therapy is excited to celebrate 20 years of healing and strengthening NYC. We couldn’t have come all this way without the fantastic collaboration we have with physicians around the city! This year we will spotlight key specialists we work with to bring a combined effort of specialty care and rehab solutions, unique to each patient. Our first spotlight … Read More

Preventing Knee Pain or Injury When Hiking

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Hiking is an excellent way of getting outside and exercising. With the many trails available in the NY Metro area, it’s an activity that can be accessible to many. However, this activity does require a great deal of lower body strength to avoid injury and inflammation of the knee. Here are three exercises to strengthen the glutes to prevent knee pain with hiking.

Celebrating 20 Years! A Letter from James Fowler

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James Fowler Physical Therapy was founded in 2002 with a mission to provide individualized and personal care using a multidisciplinary approach. This collaborative effort between physical therapists, movement trainers, massage therapists, physicians, and other healing modalities, brings the best minds in NYC together for health and healing for our fellow New Yorkers. 20 years together and I am so proud of … Read More

Being Mindful about Balance and Stability During Fall Prevention Month

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September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month and you can use this opportunity to assess your risk of falling and to take proactive steps to keep yourself safe. If you’ve been noticing difficulty with walking on uneven surfaces, stairs, or curbs one way to target building strength is by working on your single leg balance.  These five videos focus on single … Read More

A Guide to Understanding Physical Therapy

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Despite the many positive results that can be achieved through physical therapy, many individuals are still misinformed about why and when to seek this type of care. We put together a list of commonly heard misconceptions to getting physical therapy treatments and break them down to give you the facts. Do these sound familiar to you? What additional things you … Read More

The Benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics for Health and Sports Performance

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The Benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics | James Fowler Physical Therapy in Union Square, NYC

The Dynamic Balancing Act of The Foot Series – Part 4 Tamir Kfir orthotics are tailored precisely for your foot in order to provide support exactly where you need it. These custom-shaped inserts fit the size and contours of your feet and help improve your quality of life and sports performance.  Let’s look at the overall health benefits for Customized … Read More

Kinetic Chain Approach for Ankle and Foot Injuries

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Kinetic Chain Approach for ankle and foot injuries

At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we evaluate ankle and foot injuries by using a Kinetic Chain Approach. ‘Kinetic’, meaning movement, and ‘Chain’, relating to the coordination of individual joint movements to create functional movement like walking, running and playing sports. When there is dysfunction or misalignment of any joints along the kinetic chain, it has the potential to create an injury down at the foot and ankle.

How is Misalignment Hurting Your Body?

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How is Misalignment Hurting Your Body? The Dynamic Balancing Act of the Foot

The importance of your feet cannot be overstated. Your foot is a complex structure consisting of 26 bones, 30 joints, and 4 intricate layers of muscles and ligaments to create a strong, elastic foot arch. The dynamic relationship between the arch, bones, ligaments and muscles creates the ability to absorb up to 400 times your body weight and seamlessly translate that force into functional movement (walking, running, jumping).