Stay in the Game!

Stay in the Game!

Baseball & Softball Player Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

Our program educates athletes on foundational athletic movement and improves their movement precision, bridging the gap between rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness, and performance training. 

In order to reduce injury risk and optimize performance, the modern day athlete needs to develop an understanding of the movement science behind proper throwing, hitting, and fielding mechanics. They must learn how to sequence balance, timing, and transfer of force and power through the entire kinetic chain.

Work alongside physical therapists, who have advanced training in strength and conditioning, functional training movement, and kinesiology. With their experience, our physical therapists help athletes reach, and ultimately maximize, an athlete's athletic potential; ensuring they receive the unique attention that they need to develop perform. 

                           What to Expect from the                              Baseball & Softball Program

Incorporating cutting edge physical therapy techniques, movement education, and mechanics retraining, an individualized program is devised to correct underlying impairments. Ultimately, to return the athlete back to the field-and keep them on the field.

  • Enhance Skill and Performance
  • Prevent Injury and Re-Injury
  • Recover from Existing Injury or Surgery 
  • Maximize Throwing Velocity and Bat Speed
  • Meet Your Specific Goal

For throwing injury prevention, part of the program will specifically target four critical components:

  • Arm Care
  • Baseball & Softball Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Warm Up and Interval Throwing Management
  • Workload Management

Common Baseball and Softball Injuries

Director of Baseball Performance:
Jeremy Ballabon PT, DPT, OCS

Jeremy is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialty. He specializes in the management and prevention of orthopedic and sports injuries, with particular emphasis on the care of baseball related injuries. Jeremy has comprehensive experience in treating baseball players at all levels of competition and has worked alongside multiple MLB teams. As a former competitive D1 collegiate baseball player, he is especially attuned to the needs and demands of athletes. Jeremy’s unique approach to rehabilitation combines his first-hand experience as an athlete, with his expertise in orthopedic physical therapy, movement science, motion analysis and manual therapy in order to optimize performance and reduce injury risk. He empowers each athlete to understand and perform foundational athletic movements with precision and efficiency, creating sustainable improvement in their performance. His greatest skill lies within using his expertise to recognize deficiencies and develop a program to proactively attend to imbalance and poor movement patterns before injuries develop.

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