We Are Here For You

The goal of Teletherapy is to improve your movement quality and range of motion. We assess your injury, determine your weaknesses, and create a plan to get you moving again.


Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

How We Help:

JFPT is here for you during this uncertain time. We are offering past, present, and new patients Teletherapy.  We have completed numerous Teletherapy sessions with an excellent patient response. Our physical therapists are able to ask more questions in these sessions and dive deeper into patterns of dysfunctions, leading to a very direct treatment session. 


We continue to observe and perform structural screenings, guide you through your exercise programs, and educate you about your body. The time spent doing manual therapy is now spent delving deeper into movement pattern habits, which translates into a better understanding and empowerment during your healing process. 

Who We Help:

While most patients see us due to injury as a result of an auto accident, sporting injury, or other type of unexpected injury, we also regularly work with those suffering from chronic pain (arthritis, etc.) and restricted movement.

We work to:

  • Improve your mobility, working on increasing your pain-free range of motion.
  • Reduce inflammation, muscle tension, and over stiffness.
  • Improve your gait and make it easier for you to walk, jog, and run.
  • Stablize joints
  • Increase overall flexibility and strength
  • Improve your posture (we often incorporate movement rehabilition into our processes)

Ultimately, our goal is to get you moving - walking, running, dancing, and playing - so that you can return to your normal life.

Reviews From Patients 

When it comes to rehabilitation, there is no "one size fits all" or a "magic pill" that is suitable for everyone. For this reason, our physical therapists customize your treatment based on your needs, level of pain, lifestyle, age, and other factors that have a tanglible influence on your treatment. Check out what our patients are saying about our Telethrapy practice.


"James Fowler's tele Physical Therapy business is a life saver for me. James has always been an intuitive, inventive, and effective therapist and that has not changed with the tele sessions that we have been doing. In fact, James has taken the opportunity to really think through helping his clients help themselves through video meetings. In addition, he is able to see things through video that I would have not thought were possible. The video work has helped me tremendously. I can't recommend it highly enough." -Randy

"After a few session with James Fowler via Zoom, I am a huge proponent of this platform for my Physical Therapy. I have found it to be incredibly beneficial and just as effective as if I was in the office. My knee has felt much better and stronger after our sessions via Zoom. If it wasn't for Zoom during this time, I feel my knee would not be improving." - Laren

"Brett has been truly wonderful during this time. We started out with the goal of "not losing any ground" during this time of COVID restrictions; and, in fact, I am making real progress and feeling better than ever. He is extremely dedicated and skilled! Thank you!" -Elizabeth

"Deena has been great. She is resourceful and has ideas ready to mimic in-person PT. Also, the billing department and scheduling department and the insurance assessment form processes all seem very well prepared for the current coronavirus lockdown conditions. I'm impressed by how JFPT has adapted to help people at this time." -Jennifer