A Valuable Guide to Choosing the Perfect Running Shoe in NYC

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At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we are passionate about running. We want you to find the best shoe for your specific needs. Finding the right running shoe is crucial for maximizing comfort, preventing injuries, and enhancing your running experience. With the vibrant running culture in New York City, it’s essential to choose a shoe that suits your needs and the … Read More

How to Benefit from Customized Orthotics for an Active or Athletic Lifestyle

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How to Benefit from Customized Orthotics for an Active or Athletic Lifestyle

Years ago, Fowler noticed how challenging and frustrating it was to try to rehab a patient’s ankle, foot, or knee injury after they had been wearing hard orthotics for years. At a certain point, most cases showed that the body had unfortunately grown accustomed to the orthotics, forgetting that there is, in fact, an insert in the shoe responsible for supporting their foot and ankle! According to Fowler, this is not very advantageous for an active person. Instead, it is crucial for the foot to remain dynamic and work in tandem with the ankle to achieve balance with the ground, then continue that balance further up the chain – past the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, and spine all the way to head.

Kinetic Chain Approach for Ankle and Foot Injuries

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Kinetic Chain Approach for ankle and foot injuries

At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we evaluate ankle and foot injuries by using a Kinetic Chain Approach. ‘Kinetic’, meaning movement, and ‘Chain’, relating to the coordination of individual joint movements to create functional movement like walking, running and playing sports. When there is dysfunction or misalignment of any joints along the kinetic chain, it has the potential to create an injury down at the foot and ankle.

How is Misalignment Hurting Your Body?

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How is Misalignment Hurting Your Body? The Dynamic Balancing Act of the Foot

The importance of your feet cannot be overstated. Your foot is a complex structure consisting of 26 bones, 30 joints, and 4 intricate layers of muscles and ligaments to create a strong, elastic foot arch. The dynamic relationship between the arch, bones, ligaments and muscles creates the ability to absorb up to 400 times your body weight and seamlessly translate that force into functional movement (walking, running, jumping). 

Snowboarding Exercises for Ankle Flexibility and Proper Movement Mechanics

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Prepare your body for a fun time on the snowy slopes with these 3 exercises. The following exercises are designed specifically for Snowboarding. They emphasize the importance of ankle flexibility, while learning to bend at the knees and keeping a relaxed straight back. Exercise #1: Snowboard Squats We’re providing you with two versions of this exercise: Regular Foot Position with … Read More

Teletherapy and The Power of Observation

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Author: James Fowler PT, ACSM, DEAS (Founder of James Fowler Physical Therapy) Teletherapy and the Journey of Learning  As a physical therapist for the last 26 years, I felt that I knew and had developed a successful method for treating clients comprehensively, effectively, and to the best of my ability. However, sometimes an unusual circumstance–such as a worldwide pandemic–not only … Read More