We Assess & Treat Musculoskeletal Injuries

The goal of orthopedic rehabilitation is to improve your movement quality and range of motion. We assess your injury, determine your weaknesses, and create a plan to get you moving again.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

How We Help:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation concentrates on issues of the musculoskeletal framework - muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. We analyze, oversee and treat injuries of the musculoskeletal framework and restore patients directly after orthopedic operations. At James Fowler Physical Therapy, our therapists spend a significant amount of time treating post-operative joints, acute injuries due to sporting activities or everyday injuries, arthritis and more.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation is key to reestablish the patient's movement quality and range of motion post-surgery. Patients normally have weakness and deficiencies which can be reduced or repaired through re-education, manual massage and customized workouts. Our therapists are trained in surgical systems and will educate the patient and show them suitable workouts intended to reestablish motion and minimize pain/issues.

Who We Help:

While most patients see us due to injury as a result of an auto accident, sporting injury, or other type of unexpected injury, we also regularly work with those suffering from chronic pain (arthritis, etc.) and restricted movement.

We work to:

  • Improve your mobility, working on increasing your pain-free range of motion.
  • Reduce inflammation, muscle tension, and over stiffness.
  • Improve your gait and make it easier for you to walk, jog, and run.
  • Stablize joints
  • Increase overall flexibility and strength
  • Improve your posture (we often incorporate movement rehabilition into our processes)

Ultimately, our goal is to get you moving - walking, running, dancing, and playing - so that you can return to your normal life.

We Employ Numerous Methodologies

When it comes to rehabilitation, there is no "one size fits all" or a "magic pill" that is suitable for everyone. For this reason, our physical therapists customize your treatment based on your needs, level of pain, lifestyle, age, and other factors that have a tanglible influence on your treatment.

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