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James Fowler Physical Therapy is excited to announce the Grand Opening of the Movement and Sports Lab! We are expanding our offices to include additional treatment rooms along with a sports-functional training lab. This is an especially unique opportunity for a PT clinic. Usually, clinics require external gyms or shared spaces to offer their clients this kind of experience, but we are bringing everything under one roof! That means you won’t need to book two different sessions at two different places; everything is conveniently located at our same address. 

Acquiring this space means that we can spread out and give our clients the individual attention they deserve. The health and safety standards implemented are of the highest quality. Our new space includes medical grade air purifiers and we will continue to uphold social distancing and adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC. You won’t find more than two patients at a time in the Movement and Sports Lab, meaning it will just be you and your PT enjoying all our space has to offer. The bottom line? You won’t have to worry about your health while also taking care of your health.                                                                                               

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Our new space has so much to offer. It features gym-like surfaces including rubber flooring which allows for more dynamic activity. You can book personal training sessions in the space, have a proper bike fitting, and make use of our video analysis. We’re offering neurological support, sports training and analysis, and even expanding our Orthotics Center.

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Our unique ability to bridge the gap between physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and actually practicing the sport you play in front of a physical therapist is what sets our space apart. So what features are included in our new space? Let’s explore! 

The Movement and Sports Lab

Our new Movement and Sports lab gives us the accessibility of looking at any sport at any time. From golf and tennis, to baseball and softball, to cycling and running, we can analyze it all using equipment you would normally find in functional gym setups. Traditionally at a PT practice, you don’t have the resources to strike a ball or kick a ball into a net. We’re changing this. Now, athletes can duplicate their sport in our lab, practicing hitting and throwing mechanics, overhead activity and striking, and more. You can practice advanced plyometric activities like jumping, leaping, and hopping in a large space without interrupting other clients- all with your PT observing and assisting you. 

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Featured in the space is a multifunctional net that can function as a golf net and a return net, meaning if you kick a ball into it, it bounces right back to you. We also have a new Isawall Fitness Wall which includes TRX suspension straps, TheraBands, and sports cords which can be moved into multiple positions allowing you to perform Pilates, yoga, pelvic swings, inversion swings, and multi-plane functional movements. If that’s not enough, we also have plio-safe plyometric boxes made of foam, not wood. 

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Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the new lab is the video analysis component. Our video cameras capture your movements, which happen much faster than our brains can process – about 120 frames per second. We can then take a closer look at them using our large screen to playback your activities and analyze them in slow motion. This allows us to identify movement patterns and course-correct in real time. It doesn’t get better than that!

The Treatment Space

We wanted to design a space specifically for our patients trying to improve their level of independence at home. So what better way to replicate this than to design our own treatment living room? Often the obstacles you have at home we don’t have at the office. That is, until now. We have a cushy chair, sofa, and carpet to focus on real world applications like pushing a walker over a rug. We also have a set of parallel bars for our high level neurological and neurologically challenged patients that require this type of support. Our seven-foot parallel bars give you the freedom to take larger chances with your gait during the rehabilitation process. Thanks to this expansion, independent living is now easier to replicate and to achieve. 

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Curious? Make an appointment today and come see the space for yourself.

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