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The Movement and Sports Lab is Now Enabled with Video Analysis to Better Help Your Recovery Process

The way your body moves says a lot about your pain and your performance. With our expertise, and our NEW video analysis software, our PTs and movement trainers can help discover and analyze your habitual movement patterns. We’ll give you a personalized treatment plan and help you exceed your own expectations!

How Does it Work?

Our video analysis utilizes high speed analysis software capable of capturing 240 frames per second. This allows us to analyze clients’ movement patterns frame-by-frame so we can zero in and correct any unhelpful tendencies. 

How Does it Help?

Our new software is able to break down the movements of athletes of all levels, as well as people with chronic pain. Our PTs review the video, analyze your movements, and create a treatment plan based on what they find.

Who Should Use Video Analysis?

Athletes of all levels (including students)

How you move affects your sports technique. With our video analysis software, you can now discover your habitual movement patterns contributing to your pain and/or performance. JFPT will show you the best way to move to increase your peak performance ability. 

JFPT will also teach the fundamentals so you can learn to move correctly and build a strong foundation in your chosen sport. Movement efficiency and body mechanics dictate your ability to reach the next level in your sport. You may think you are really doing what your coach is saying, and it may even look that way to the naked eye, but you may not be. The good news is, our video analysis software (along with the help of our PTs, of course) will help you get there! You will walk away understanding your body movements better, how it may be affecting your sports technique and also learn ways to prevent further injury.

JFPT specializes in assisting with movements found in golf, tennis,  running, baseball, softball, and cycling. We can look at things like whether the muscles in your hip are activating correctly at the point of impact, how your joint positions contribute to your performance, where and when your muscles are activating, the timing of weight shifts, whether or not you’re demonstrating stability, throwing mechanics, running mechanics, hitting mechanics, and more! Using a comprehensive evaluation tool such as our sports video analysis, our PTs will translate your results and have you understand how your body moves and its limitations. 

Clients in pain

If you’re in pain and looking for a solution and haven’t found yet, our video analysis software can help you discover the problem so you can once again play pain-free and resume normal activities.

By working with JFPT you will discover your full potential. We will guide you through a process of self-discovery to better help you understand your natural movement habits (good and bad) and inconsistencies. Our PTs will use our video analysis tool to break down how everyday movement patterns can lead to injury over time and will teach you to correct any harmful behaviors. You will walk away with knowledge on how to leverage your body mechanics to regain your confidence after an injury. 

Clients who want to learn more about their movement patterns

Our PTs can educate you on the fundamentals of movements and injury prevention in order to help you build a better foundation for sports or daily living. However, our trained PTs are not coaches and should never be considered as such. 

While Sports Coaches can provide you with specific techniques for your chosen sport, those may not always be the right fit for your body. Physical Therapists will elucidate your movement efficiencies based on your body’s history and help you gain an understanding of your structural limitations (if any) leading to pain-free play. To maximize your performance, you should work with both a Sports Coach and a Physical Therapist.

So What Are You Waiting For? 

Book an appointment, discover our video analysis software, and improve your performance today!

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