Overcoming Injuries at the Olympic Level

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As the 2016 Summer Olympics games in Rio are rapidly approaching, the Olympic hopefuls are working their hardest to be prepared for competition. They have been training and mentally preparing for the last four years with dreams to bring home the gold. For some, their dreams are challenged when faced with a difficult injury. Based on a study completed by … Read More

Post ACL Reconstruction

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A couple clips from a current patient in February 2015, who had an ACL Reconstruction Surgery in June 2014. He is planning to return to skiing and these are a few of the exercises he has been doing to replicate the stress of skiing variable terrain. NOTE: Correct foot position on landing to a more neutral position and increase hip stabilization … Read More

Returning to Sports Post Injury

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Around the globe there are a number of great doctors, physical therapists and trainers who have taken on the task of guiding an athlete back to the field.  It’s a difficult task that requires a specific problem list, willingness to follow through and an intuitive nature to train the athlete in the moment.  Working with elite athletes comes with the challenge of … Read More

6 Stretches To Minimize Back Pain

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Back pain can be debilitating and extremely frustrating. Stretching your body through active movements and static stretches can be the key to keeping a well-balanced musculoskeletal system. Back pain can be caused by countless different reasons but decreased flexibility has been shown to lead to lower back pain. Stretching takes time and repetition and should not cause pain or injury. … Read More

New Years Resolution Physical Therapy

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7 Physical Therapy New Year’s Resolution Tips Set an attainable timeline. Within the timeline set mini goals to check-off along the way. Habits are normally formed after about 21 days, so stick with it! Keep it simple. Pick one or two resolutions that are important enough to commit to and focus on them. Find a friend or family member for accountability. Talking … Read More

Improve Your Work Station

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Note: If you have had any recent health problems, injury, surgery, or any of these actions cause you any pain, consult a health professional before starting this program. With the addition of our new work ergonomic station, I thought it would be helpful to introduce a related series in the JFPT newsletter, informing our readers and patients on how to improve … Read More

How To Create A Healthy And Dynamic Workspace

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New York, NY (November 17, 2014) – James Fowler Physical Therapy announced the launch of a new program called the Ergonomic Center. The goal of the Ergonomic Center is to help patients work and feel better by creating a more dynamic workplace and incorporating movement through sitting and standing. The ergonomic center offers a 45 minute assessment with individualized workstation … Read More

PT: Shoes or Flip Flops

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A recent study compared ten healthy young males walking at a set pace in running shoes, flip-flops, sandals (think Adidas slippers), and barefoot1. Shoes were found to produce less Ground Reaction Force (GRF), meaning less force going through the foot as the foot contacts and pushes off from the ground. Barefoot walking produced the greatest GRF, with sandals and flip-flops … Read More

Orthotics at James Fowler Physical Therapy

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Orthotics are inserts that go into your shoes to help improve the function of your foot. I’ve tried a number of different orthotics over the years and have had trouble finding one that provides both proper alignment corrections and the right amount of support of the foot. I have been looking for an orthotic that was dynamic, by this I … Read More

Arthritis, Temperature, Barametric Pressure

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Do your joints predict the weather? Snow! Crisp air! Hot chocolate! There are many things that make the winter months enjoyable. While I may enjoy the brisk cold, there are certainly those that do not – that, in fact, feel pain from it. Most of us have heard of people being able to predict weather changes from the ache in … Read More