Welcoming Wellness in All Ways

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Author: Adrianna Aguilar

For almost 17 years, JFPT has brought individual physical therapy sessions to New York that improve one’s health and way of movement in life. Over time, we have striven to build a more comprehensive environment geared toward wellness, adding new modes of improving health such as Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. This year, we are excited to add to this environment with new Yoga classes and a specialized Corporate Wellness Program. At JFPT, wellness and improving your way of life is at the forefront- always and in all ways. Read about the top 5 ways we are welcoming wellness into 2019. We hope you will join us.

1) Ergonomic Center

In 2017, Huffpost Australia calculated the average time a 79-year-old human spent in his/her lifetime at work. The result was 13 years and 2 months, which is roughly 16%. It was second only to the amount of time spent in bed. (1) The Ergonomic Specialists at JFPT want to help you create that dynamic workspace in which you spend many years of your life. In partnership with Creative Office Pavilion, we offer a diverse selection of Herman Miller Chairs, Desks, and Technology Support.  The process begins with a Workplace Assessment followed by a Sitting and Standing Evaluation; then, finally with a Recommendation on how to improve your space. (2)

2) Corporate Wellness Program

The Ergonomic Assessment Process is also a part of our newly launched Corporate Wellness Program. Our team develops an individualized program tailored to your company and community with the following modes:

Individual Ergonomic Assessment: Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist will assess the staff’s sitting and standing postures in the workplace. Special attention will be placed on the workstation set-up.

Massage Therapy Packages:  Our Massage Therapists hope to use their skills to decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation and ease tension.

Group Yoga: Our workplace wellness yoga is modified to specifically target reactions and perceptions of stress, improve mood and raise levels of productivity.

Customized Wellness Sessions: These 30-minute slots give employees the knowledge and tools of Alexander Technique and Trigger Point Release among other methods.

3) Yoga

Along with Yoga offerings in the Corporate Wellness Program, we offer Yoga Saturday and Sunday mornings at our new space led by Tara Lynch, a JFPT trainer and 300 hour Perri Institute of Mind and Body Certified Instructor. Increased flexibility, strengthened parasympathetic nervous system, and improved respiratory and energy are simply of few of the benefits of Yoga.

4) Massage Therapies

Similarly, the diverse array of Massage Therapies offered at JFPT can also improve your energy and breathing along with helping to relieve chronic pain or pain caused by injury among other positive effects. (3) Massage is one of the oldest methods of rehabilitation and relaxation in existence, and we provide various forms of Massage including:

Cranial Sacral Therapy:  gentle techniques addressing the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: done to relieve muscle tightness, or simply for relaxation at a spa.

Swedish and Deep Tissue: light to medium pressure helps relieve stress, reduce pain, boost mood and promote relaxation.

Athletic Massage: focus on troublesome area like a knee or shoulder.

Geriatric Massage and Prenatal Massage: tailored to the patient’s needs and requests.

5) Physical Therapy

With four highly skilled and passionate Physical Therapists, the team at JFPT takes your Movement Rehabilitation and/or Orthopedic Rehabilitation path seriously with great concern and care.  They aim to increase a patient’s body awareness and offer treatment to regain health without pain. The JFPT Team are committed to guiding you to an improved way of life. Over time, our bodies build movement patterns that are not always the most efficient and beneficial to long term mobility.  Our therapists want to help you find those patterns so that they can help you adjust them in such a way that builds a bodily intelligence as you move into 2019 and onwards. (4)

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