The Benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics for Health and Sports Performance

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The Dynamic Balancing Act of The Foot Series – Part 4

The Benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics | James Fowler Physical Therapy in Union Square, NYC

Tamir Kfir orthotics are tailored precisely for your foot in order to provide support exactly where you need it. These custom-shaped inserts fit the size and contours of your feet and help improve your quality of life and sports performance. 

Let’s look at the overall health benefits for Customized Orthotics

  • Helps to alleviate chronic pain 
  • Improves postural alignment and support  
  • Maintains knee stability 
  • Prevents ankle sprain
  • Prevents stress fractures and shin splints 
  • Supports stability and balance while standing  
  • Prevents the foot’s slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe

Overall the major health benefits aim towards preventing injury or improving certain aspects of your body’s alignment and stability so that you can keep doing your everyday activities without painful interruption.

Benefits of Customized Orthotics for Sports Performance

So what if you’re an active athlete? Your orthotics needs will vary based on your game. Let’s look at a few sports and identify the benefits of Tamir Kfir Orthotics using the Dynamic Motion Technique to analyze the needs of your foot for the sport.

For sports that require change of direction, sudden stop starts and powerful plays such as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football and Rugby, benefits include:

  • Significant posture support  
  • Prevention of stress fractures and shin splints
  • Maintaining knee stability
  • Ankle sprain prevention
  • Supported direction–change while running
  • Enhanced slide performance
  • Prevention of foot from slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe
  • Support for sudden halts
  • Foot anchoring support for a better kick
  • Enhanced quick sprints
  • Stability and balance in different kinds of fields

Long-term use of Tamir Kfir’s orthotics contributes to the prevention of accumulated injuries. Without the use of orthotics that are specially adapted to the unique foot structure, repetitive strain to the foot could affect athletic performance. The specially designed orthotics not only counteract the accumulated strain on the foot and prevent sudden or long-term injury but actually enhance the player’s performance.

For runners, initial benefits are shock absorption and enhanced movement. Further benefits include:

  • Enhances performance through improved motion 
  • Provides improved control of the ankle foot positioning through the stance phase of running
  • Decreases in the body weight impact upon landing
  • Absorbs shock and vector reduction
  • Enhances leaps leverage
  • Protects against stress fractures and shin splints

Benefits of Custom Orthotics for Cycling

Cycling is different from other sports as the cyclist’s feet do not touch the ground. Yet, to maximize pedaling strength they must be balanced and stable. Cycling does take its toll on the feet, as cyclists encounter certain typical problems: “hotfoot”, numbing of the foot, or pinching of the foot inside the shoe significantly decreasing the pleasure of the sport and may put competitive cyclists at a disadvantage.

  • Significantly enhances pedaling strength by improving the foot, ankle, and hip alignment
  • Significantly relieves knee pain
  • Prevents the foot’s numbing, hotfoot, and pinching
  • Helps to activate core connection while pedaling

Your feet have an important job to do, carrying you everywhere you need to go in life. So it makes sense to start from the ground up to help alleviate the pain you have in the rest of your body. Tamir Kfir’s orthotics are custom-made to fit the unique structure of a player’s foot, their position within the team and the particular challenges of the game, including the different kinds of playing fields. 

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