Celebrating 20 Years! A Letter from James Fowler

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James Fowler Physical Therapy was founded in 2002 with a mission to provide individualized and personal care using a multidisciplinary approach. This collaborative effort between physical therapists, movement trainers, massage therapists, physicians, and other healing modalities, brings the best minds in NYC together for health and healing for our fellow New Yorkers.

20 years together and I am so proud of what James Fowler Physical Therapy represents; a space to provide a caring and listening ear and to collaborate with like-minded healers, making us one of the best physical therapy offices in the city.

Our Journey

The journey hasn’t been easy. It takes courage, passion, boldness, and perseverance. From its inception, each year has provided new lessons to learn from, but in the end, it comes down to one thing: "Believe in your vision and never give up!"

I started JFPT as a collaborative effort with my wife, Judy.  Her background in dance and movement education along with my love of problem-solving, discovering the root core to injuries, and the biomechanics of movement provided a foundation that led to our dynamic, innovative PT practice.

Physical Therapy is a profession, but its real meaning is the love of service to others. Today, with the help of my family and dedicated team, what we have achieved is far beyond what I imagined at the start of this journey.

We continue to stay true to our mission and make it about creating a space for personalized treatment and educating our patients about injury prevention. We choose to stay a boutique brand with a single location to provide the best treatment approach to our patients.  

As JFPT celebrates its 20th anniversary, let’s toast our employees, patients, and partners who have helped us change how people move.

To our patients: 

Thank you for trusting our expertise for 20 years and making us a leader in NYC. We are humbled and honored to work alongside you in this time of healing and strengthening and will work tirelessly to continue to deserve it. 

To our employees: 

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated, and passionate experts every day. Your commitment to our patients and the practice values have been integral to the success of JFPT. 

To our partners: 

Being in the business for 20 years, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to JFPT and our patients. We thank our partners for their commitment, expertise, and skills in helping us serve hundreds of patients.

Our Future 

As we enter a new phase as Physical Therapists in NYC we will build new programming while continuing to elevate our level of care and provide the services that promote a healing environment and encourage the vision to keep New Yorkers moving and doing what they love.

Let’s continue to keep NYC moving forward into the future, together.

Owner and Founder

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