Arthritis, Temperature, Barametric Pressure

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Do your joints predict the weather? Snow! Crisp air! Hot chocolate! There are many things that make the winter months enjoyable. While I may enjoy the brisk cold, there are certainly those that do not – that, in fact, feel pain from it. Most of us have heard of people being able to predict weather changes from the ache in … Read More

Gaining Better Life Balance

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By Lisa Desrochers PT, CSCS ​ An astounding statistic researched by the National Institute of Health (NIH) has shown that 1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older fall once a year. Other statistics estimate that 34-45% of otherwise healthy community dwelling adults will have a fall once a year accounting for 689,000 hospitalizations (in 2011 according to the … Read More

Post-Exercise Recovery Tips

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A balanced combination of rest and recovery along with proper diet and hydration should be part of any fitness regimen. Exercise is an essential part of maintaining general health and fitness but post workout rest and recovery is often overlooked. It’s important to make a plan and allocate a proper amount of time to rest and recover. Recovery is multifaceted … Read More

Are You Squatting Correctly?

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Squats are one of the best exercises to increase your fitness and strength- but only if they are done properly. To make sure your squats aren’t falling victim to poor technique and improper initiation of the squat. People often initiate squats by bending the knees and dropping their weight straight down. The knees then come too far past the toes, … Read More

Transformation of a Rugby Player: Part 2

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The first part of our 5 part series on The Transformation of Rugby player we taught our rugby player to expand her length and rotation ability. We taught her to expand her ability to lengthen on the same side (Ipsilateral) and increase her ability toward diagonal length (Contralateral length). Sprinting has Ipsilateral and Contralateral movement that requires greater flexibility and … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Your Frozen Shoulder

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Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as Frozen Shoulder has many different ideologies. The most frequent cause of Frozen Shoulder is an injury to the shoulder that causes excessive inflammation and pain. If the pain is excessive, and the patient prevents movement of the shoulder, scar tissue can form in the shoulder capsule. The scar tissue or adhesion limit the elasticity … Read More

5 Stretches to Start Your Day

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Many New Yorker’s wake up each morning to a buzzing alarm, jump out of bed, shower, brush their teeth, get dressed and run out the door to the office where many sit static for extended periods of time. Your body can benefit from performing stretches when you wake up not only mentally but physically as well. Morning stretches help increase range … Read More