Reducing Swelling in Your Feet Can be Easy

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New York City is known to be a fast paced city. You spend a great deal of time on your feet; whether its standing for your 30 minute commute in a packed subway car, spending your day on your feet because your job requires it, or walking long distances in shoes that might not have enough support. We deal with the pain because New Yorkers are tough, and frankly we are used to it.

However, as tough as you are, there are many simple ways you can relieve foot pain and reduce swelling without taking a bunch of pills.

Try These Simple Remedies for Reducing Foot Swelling

Epson Salt Water Soak 

Soaking your feet in cool salt water can help alleviate swelling and related pain. When your feet swell, there is a loss of magnesium. By applying the salts topically, your body absorbs the magnesium, which reduces the swelling. The cool water is also soothing for any foot pain.

Compression Socks 

Compression socks relieve swelling by squeezing your foot. This blocks fluid build up in your tissues, preventing swelling. There are various levels of compression socks; light, medium and heavy weight. It is best to start out with light, but always consult your doctor first.

Adjust your diet 

Removing processed carbohydrates from your daily intake, and eating more vegetables, fish and fruit will help reduce swelling. These foods have limited quantities of salt, which will help reduce fluid build-up in your fee

Look Up: Elevate Your Feet

Putting your feet up after a long day is not just a relaxation technique. It is known to help reduce swelling in your feet. When you spend many hours of your day on your feet, fluid builds up in your tissues. By elevating your feet, you allow the fluid to flow away from the affected area.

Massage Therapy

Occasionally you may want to treat yourself to a massage. Not only does it relax and soothe any pain, but it helps reduce swelling by pushing fluid build up away from the affected area. We offer various forms of massage therapy here in Union Square, and if you are interested please give us a call to set up an appointment.

Don’t Over Stress Your Feet: Give Them a Break!

New Yorkers spend a lot of time on their feet, and that can cause problems. This is especially the case if you spend a lot of time standing, walking, and running.
The above tips may sound basic, but they are a great first step toward reducing foot swelling, alleviating pain, and getting your feet feeling fantastic again.



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