New Years Resolution Physical Therapy

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7 Physical Therapy New Year’s Resolution Tips

  1. Set an attainable timeline. Within the timeline set mini goals to check-off along the way. Habits are normally formed after about 21 days, so stick with it!
  2. Keep it simple. Pick one or two resolutions that are important enough to commit to and focus on them.
  3. Find a friend or family member for accountability. Talking with your accountability partner about your successes and failures can be vital to staying on track.
  4. Remember everything in moderation is a good thing. Before making any dramatic changes to your body or diet make sure you consult with a physical therapist or doctor.
  5. Learn from your past mistakes. If you have failed in the past, take a different approach.
  6. Have fun and reward yourself for attaining fitness, diet and wellness goals along the way.
  7. It’s okay to fail but don’t quit or give up. Try a different approach or way of thought.

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