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As social beings, it is common to feel the urge to be a part of a team or group united under a cause or task. A built in environment for potential unions is our workplace. But how do you get to know those folks right next to you better when you are supposed to be completing your work and tasks at hand? How are you able to soak in the benefits of being on their team if the connection does not exist?


In 2016, Forbes Magazine noted that team building not only creates connections among coworkers, but it also “encourages communication, increases collaboration, builds trust and mitigates conflicts.” (1) Here at James Fowler Physical Therapy, we want your work team to experience the positive effects of team building through our Corporate Wellness Program. What better way to establish those unions and connections among individuals in your company, than to give them the chance to experience massage, yoga and ergonomic alignment assessments together?

Although doing yoga alongside someone you barely know can seem intimidating, Forbes states that “choosing something unique and slightly outside of people’s comfort zones can encourage them to come together in new ways.” (1) Here’s how our program works (2):

  1. Individual Ergonomic Assessment: Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist will assess the staff’s sitting and standing postures in the workplace. Special attention will be placed on the work station set-up.
  2. Massage Therapy Packages: Our Massage Therapists hope to use their skills to decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation and ease tension.
  3. Group Yoga: Our workplace wellness yoga is modified to specifically target reactions and perceptions of stress, improve mood and raise levels of productivity.
  4. Customized Wellness Sessions: These 30 minute slots give employees the knowledge and tools of Alexander Technique and Trigger Point Release among other methods.

Each Wellness Program is tailored to your needs, number of employees and expectations and goals as a company. Let JFPT help you in forming that efficient, productive team of connected and creative individuals.

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