How To Create A Healthy And Dynamic Workspace

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New York, NY (November 17, 2014) – James Fowler Physical Therapy announced the launch of a new program called the Ergonomic Center. The goal of the Ergonomic Center is to help patients work and feel better by creating a more dynamic workplace and incorporating movement through sitting and standing. The ergonomic center offers a 45 minute assessment with individualized workstation evaluations and practical hands on posture, alignment and movement coaching. To support the ergonomic assessments, JFPT partnered with Creative Office Pavilion to offer patients the latest Herman Miller ergonomic chairs, tables, and technology support.

The Ergonomic Assessment has three components:

(1) The Workplace Assessment using a number of required photos to analyze the patient’s workplace and how it’s used.
(2) The Sit/Stand Patient Postural Assessment analyzes movement tendencies and daily pain points with special attention directed to the patient’s work environment and its effects on body alignment, core connection, lower extremity support and upper extremity position.
(3) The Therapist Recommendation provides pointed suggestions how to create a more dynamic work place promoting healthier posture and better alignment. JFPT verifies all insurance and upon approval will submit Ergonomic Assessment claims or the assessment can be paid out of pocket.

“We are thrilled with the addition of the Ergonomic Center to our practice,” stated James Fowler P.T., A.C.S.M. “The Ergonomic Center will educate our patients on how to be healthier in the work place.  We will teach patients to incorporate the “Sit, Stand and Move” concept in the office. Ultimately, this will help our patients feel better and work better.”

About James Fowler PT

James Fowler Physical Therapy, located in New York, NY, is a widely renowned private practice that strives to not only solve the immediate condition of each patient, but to get to the root of the problem and ensure that the condition will not recur by educating each patient about their body and movements. The staff consists of a team of seasoned nationally certified manual therapists and certified movement specialists.

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