Back Pain – Degenerative Disk Disease & Spinal Stenosis

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Back pain is an issue affecting millions of Americans and continues to be a growing condition. According to studies about 80% of Americans suffer from back pain and it’s the leading cause for job related disability. Chronic back pain is a condition that can linger for months and should be taken seriously. It’s critical to seek a seasoned doctor and … Read More

The Importance of Core: Part 1

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“The core” is located in the center of the body and refers to the abdominal muscles.  A series of muscles that control and initiate all large movements.  The lifting of the hand or the advancement of the foot originate from “the core”.  It’s here that movement is integrated between the support surface, lower extremity, and upper extremity. At JFPT we … Read More

Get Mental: A Different Approach To Pain

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Pain is a nebulous, subjective, multi-dimensional concept that can factor heavily into any injury. There are different types of pain- muscle soreness from exercise, tenderness from blunt trauma (perhaps given to you by your gracious physical therapist) or inflammatory pain indicating tissue damage. Strengthening is often emphasized in rehabilitation to support physically weak or faulty structures, ultimately to decrease pain. … Read More

Foot strike Reeducation

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Patient has a history of stress fractures on 3rd and 4th metatarsals and navicular bone. Patient spent many years as a competitive gymnast. In this video the patient is learning to transition from a severe forefoot runner to a mid-foot strike. We will be recommending Tamir Kafir orthotics for improve force absorption. ​ For information on orthotics visit:

What Should I Do When I Am Not Running

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Over the last few years there has been a significant amount of talk and controversy about activities and exercises that are best for runners for preventing injuries and improving performance. The discussion has included the benefits of foam rolling and ball release techniques, stretching, Active Release Technique, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and strength training, to name a few. Everyone seems to … Read More