Everything You Need To Know About Your Frozen Shoulder

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Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as Frozen Shoulder has many different ideologies. The most frequent cause of Frozen Shoulder is an injury to the shoulder that causes excessive inflammation and pain. If the pain is excessive, and the patient prevents movement of the shoulder, scar tissue can form in the shoulder capsule. The scar tissue or adhesion limit the elasticity … Read More

5 Stretches to Start Your Day

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Many New Yorker’s wake up each morning to a buzzing alarm, jump out of bed, shower, brush their teeth, get dressed and run out the door to the office where many sit static for extended periods of time. Your body can benefit from performing stretches when you wake up not only mentally but physically as well. Morning stretches help increase range … Read More

Importance of Core: Part 4

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Phase four of “The Core” blog series is the start to learning how to maintain neutral position when the back is not supported by the floor. The exercises below challenge patients to expand neutral spine from a neutral lumbar position to the head/tail bone connection where the neutral spine is reached by counter tension. In simpler terms the crown of the … Read More

Morrison Whole Food Bars

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We are excited to announce we will now offer Dr. Morrison’s Whole Food Bars in our lower Manhattan office! Dr. Morrison has developed new whole food bars that are nutritious, delicious and incredibly satisfying. His goal was to create a healthy and tasty snack that can also serve as a light meal replacement. They are fantastic on-the-go and provide lasting … Read More

Importance of Core: Part 3

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Bent Knee Fall Outs Unsupported Lie on your back with your knees bent and your lower back in neutral position (not completely flat against the mat but not too arched off – in between). Activate your lower abdominals (transversus abdomini) by exhaling and sinking your belly button down to your spine. Maintain a steady abdominal breathing while you lift one … Read More

Importance of Core: Part 2

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Before training the body’s core it’s important to understand the neutral spine position. Neutral spine is the middle position of the pelvis in relationship to the spine. When the pelvis is rotated forward it’s called an anterior rotated pelvis and a pelvis rotated back is called a posterior rotated pelvis.  Our goal at James Fowler Physical therapy when training the … Read More

Back Pain – Degenerative Disk Disease & Spinal Stenosis

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Back pain is an issue affecting millions of Americans and continues to be a growing condition. According to studies about 80% of Americans suffer from back pain and it’s the leading cause for job related disability. Chronic back pain is a condition that can linger for months and should be taken seriously. It’s critical to seek a seasoned doctor and … Read More

The Importance of Core: Part 1

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“The core” is located in the center of the body and refers to the abdominal muscles.  A series of muscles that control and initiate all large movements.  The lifting of the hand or the advancement of the foot originate from “the core”.  It’s here that movement is integrated between the support surface, lower extremity, and upper extremity. At JFPT we … Read More