A Runner’s Guide to New York City

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After 6pm on summer weekdays, walking down the street also means jumping out of the way for the multitude of runners taking advantage of the cool evenings. For many, running is a lifestyle. You know your local running shop, the best trails, and the various running groups. It is a way to clear your head and get the exercise your body needs after a long workday. For those who want more insight, here is a guide to everything you need to know about running in New York City.

Where should I purchase my running shoes?

If you don’t already have a local running shop that you swear by, Brooklyn Running Club, Jack Rabbit and Super Runners Shop are great places to start. Each store offers personalized treatments to find you the specific running shoe for your individual running style. They help make your decision by looking at how you run, the conditions you typically run in, and much more.

Brooklyn Running Club places a sticker inside the insert of your shoe, which tells you when you need to come in for a check up and when you might need to buy new shoes. The dates given are based around how many miles you typically run in a day/week, your running style, and whether you normally run in the gym or outside on pavement. It is a helpful reminder for when you need to replace your shoes – something that is necessary to avoid pain or injury. But we’ll get into that later.

Jack Rabbit has a personalized approach to finding the right shoe for you and have stores throughout the city. They have a thorough discussion based on previous injury and shoes you’ve bought and liked. They then have you run on a treadmill to understand what kind of runner you are.

Super Runners Shop use a high tech system, called Surefoot, which scans your foot to give experts a “map” of your foot. This allows them to understand where you put more pressure, to ensure a proper fit and alignment.

How often should I replace my running shoes?

There has been research that you should replace them after 300-500 miles, but Brooklyn Running Club thinks that the “one size fits all” approach is unfair to you. At Brooklyn Running Club, their personalize sticker gives an estimated date based around your specific running patterns. In their experience, a typical runner needs to replace their shoes every 3-6 months, but you’ll know more specifically by paying them a visit and having your gait analyzed. Overall, if you are having pain during or after a run, chances are you’ve worn down your shoes and its time for a new pair.

Where are the best places to run?

New York City has many trails to offer in a wide array of sceneries.

Prospect Park (Brooklyn) – 3.4mi

This is a great run with a lot less traffic than Central Park and you get the quiet, green feeling of running outdoors. If you’re looking to get adventurous and want to explore Prospect Park more, cut off from the main road and get lost in the small paths. You’ll end up finding open fields, a waterfall, various kinds of birds, and solitude.

Hudson River Run (Manhattan) – 15.9 Mi

For those new to New York, this is a fun way to see the city. In the evening, you can see the sun set over the river and the city. It is a gorgeous tree-lined path along side the Hudson River overlooking New Jersey. In the summer you’ll be accompanied by sailboats and lots of activity.

Van Cortland Park (Bronx) – 3.1 Mi

This park offers a wooded trail through a non-touristy area. Strava refers to these trails as a “runners haven”. It’s just a quick ride on the 1 train to paradise.

Two Bridges Run (Brooklyn/Manhattan) – 5.9 Mi.

Running across the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges will give you amazing views. The Brooklyn Bridge gets packed with tourists so we recommend running this route earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

I don’t like running alone, are there running groups I can join?

Yes, of course there are! Many athletic stores offer weekly running clubs. Jack Rabbit is one, but also stores like Lulu Lemon, Athletica, New York Road Runners, and many more! Your local running store will also be a great resource to find running clubs, chances are the employees are all part of one.

What are the best running apps?

Nike Run Club is a popular app among runners. It is easy to use and has many perks. With the NRC app, you have the ability to view a “running journal” where you can review countless statistics like routes, pace, elevation, calories, etc. You also have the ability to record the type of shoes you were wearing and how you felt during the run.

Strava is another well-liked app because it provides maps of trails around your locations with specific details such as distance, elevations, and run type. Not only that but it allows you to add friends and race each other by recording and sharing your distance and time.

Lastly, Coach-to-5K is an app that helps you prepare for your next race. It gives you timed runs per week that will help you prepare your body and avoid injury.

We hope this guide has help you become more informed and ready to take on your next run. Good luck!

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