5 Food Blogs You Probably Want to Follow

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Healthy eating is an important element to keeping your body happy and pain free. Sometimes, simply cutting out a certain food is the key to end tightness, sometimes its adding more of one thing. For those who might not like cooking, or aren’t particularly good at it, food blogs are a great resource for you. The good majority offer a wide variety of recipes that are usually clear and easy to follow along. We’ve listed 5 food blogs below that are worth following, especially if you have certain dietary needs.
1. Real Simple

Real Simple is also a monthly magazine, so if you prefer a print version as opposed to online, this might be a good choice for you. In their monthly magazine, they outline what your week looks like in terms of meals. They provide a full list of ingredients for when you make your weekly grocery store stop – making your shopping experience easy. For those that like the immediacy of an online blog, check out realsimple.com and browse through all their recipes!

2. Oh She Glows

Calling out to all my vegan friends. You might already know about this one, but this is a great food blog that offers endless vegan recipes. Even for you non-vegan folks, their recipes are surprisingly flavorful and delicious. See: Vegan Banana Bread.

3. Not Eating Out In New York

We are all aware, dining out in NYC gets expensive. That is why this foodie created your ultimate collection of recipes that fill the void of NYC’s endless supply of restaurants. From dumplings, to stuffed squash with kale and pinenuts, you’ll find a wide variety of tasty dishes.

4. nomnompaleo

For those who were recently told to go on a paleo diet, this is a great place to start your new eating adventure. The artfully designed pages make visiting the site a fun experience, as well.

5. I am a food blog

The simplicity in the name only highlight the simplicity of the blog. Easily browse a variety of recipies without an overwhelming navigationAs the editors say, “The recipes …range from fun and unfussy to a little more involved, but ultimately, they’re all delicious.”

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