4 Healthy Recipes to Help You Get Through Your Day

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Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal in order to get through your day. But what about lunch? Choosing the right food for lunch is vital to keep your energy high. Fatty and dense foods tend to cause you to fatigue quickly, resulting in a drop of productivity. We have compiled a list of healthy lunch recipes that are packed with protein to help you make it through your 8+ hour work day.

Mouth-Watering Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are not usually a fan favorite. In fact, they are one of the most despised vegetables. Even though they carry a bad reputation, brussel sprouts can be quite flavorful when seasoned and cooked correctly. See this site for a savory and crunchy brussel sprout recipe. This is great as a side dish or mixed in with some olive oil and Parmesan cheese in a penne or bowtie pasta.

Vegetarian Chickpea Sandwich Filling

Crispy Shrimp with Greens and Beans

Dr. Ramsey uses a clever rhyme to remember which key foods are best for brain health, “seafood, greens, nuts and beans.” And it’s true, these four foods provide important nutrients to help keep your brain fully focused and alert. This recipe has three of the four brain strengthening foods – seafood, greens, and beans!

Udon with Tofu and Asian Greens

This tasty Asian noodle dish provides a substantial amount of protein with a minimal amount of ingredients. Though tofu might not sound ideal for some, this recipe offers a way to season it and give it lots of flavor! If you are still not keen on tofu, try replacing it with chicken.

Enjoy these delicious foods!

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