James Fowler Physical Therapy Union Square, NYC

James Fowler Physical Therapy is an oasis located in the heart of Union Square, NYC. Our practice is built around the idea that all of our patients deserve personal attention, one-on-one treatment, and highly specialized physical therapy rarely offered by other PT practices in Manhattan. We strive to not only solve the immediate condition of each patient, but to get to the root of the problem and ensure that the condition will not recur by educating each patient about their body and movements. 

Our staff consists of a team of expert physical therapists who are all recognized as nationally certified manual therapists and strength and conditioning specialists. They are assisted by certified movement analysts who support each patient’s treatment and help further patient education. Widely renowned by many physicians as one of the most effective physical therapy practices in not only Union Square but all of Manhattan.

Our practice is housed in a beautifully designed Union Square space in downtown New York that allows our patients to receive state of the art care in a non-clinical environment so you can ease into recovery in a serene and non-threatening atmosphere.