Helping You Recover From Arm & Shoulder Pain

Injuries in the arm and shoulder can be powerful, as their function is so important to your quality of life. Our team - physical therapists, massage therapists, and movement analysts - will work together to improve function and mobility while reducing pain.

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Arm & Shoulder Injury Therapy

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

Arm and shoulder pain can be devastating for everyday tasks, not just for participation in your company's dodge ball league. It can be amazing how little attention we pay them - until they hurt. The rotator cuff relies on proper mascular stability and biomechanical efficiency through the scapula to allow the arm and shoulder to move freely atop the torso.

From minor tendonitis to nerve entrapment and post-surgical rehabilitation, our therapists are equipped to diagnose and maximize stability and fundtion of the shoulder joint. If you do not see your specific problem, please feel free to get in touch with us - we're always listening.

Addressing & Treating Arm & Shoulder Pain

Pain is often multi-facted, and in the case of injury, complicated by supplementary stresses and injuries to supporting muscle groups and tendons. We take a personalized approach to your treatment, always focused on you, your body, your specific symptoms, and your abilities. We will push you to the most we can and challenge your abilities, but we will never ask you to do more than what you can do. Treatment is about recovery, not about enduring pain.

Arm and shoulder injuries can happen to anyone and are typically the result of an automotive accident, sporting injury, underlying chronic condition, or unexpected accident (such as a fall). Learn more about what we can treat by clicking below.