Being in Pain Isn't Hip - We Can Help

The ability to walk, jog, and run without pain is often overlooked until its no longer our reality. Our team of therapists - physicaly therapists, massage therapists, and movement analysts - will help improve your mobility and reduce pain. We welcome you when you need us.

Physical therapy for hip pain in New York City

Hip Pain Therapy

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

Adequate hip strength and mobility are imperative for healthy backs and legs, particularly in a walking city like New York.

The pelvis acts as a weight bearing foundation for the spine and a portal to the lower limb. Inefficient movement patterns can develop from decreases in muscle length, strength, or neuromuscular connectivity to the brain.

At James Fowler Physical Therapy, our team is devoted to fine tuning the intricacies of your body, as no injury and no person's needs are the same. From minor hip and pelvic pain to nerve entrapment and post-surgical rehabilitation, our therapists are equipped to diagnose and maximize function and stability of the pelvic girdle.

Some conditions we treat are listed here on this page, but this list is by no means all-inclusive. If you do not see your specific problem, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Addressing & Treating Hip Pain

Pain in the hips can be particularly frustrating, as it may present as symptoms that extend down into the legs and feet. Often, we see patients seeking to treat leg/feet/ankle injuries when their hips are the root cause of the problem, and it isn't until we take a deep dive into their concerns that they realize that its the hips that are the issue. Regardless of the cause, we work to understand your situation and apply the best treatments that are most likely to resolve your pain.

We work with New Yorkers of all walks of life and across all age ranges. Hip injuries can happen as a result of automotive accidents, sports injuries, chronic conditions, and a myriad of other reasons. Learn more about what we can treat by clicking below.