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Injuries in the arm and shoulder can be powerful, as their function is so important to your quality of life. Our team - physical therapists, massage therapists, and movement analysts - will work together to improve function and mobility while reducing pain.

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Knee Pain Therapy

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Even if you are not subject to multiple flights of subway stairs, knee pain can be crippling for those pounding the pavement as well as for those driving an hour to work. Knees can be easily abused by poor mechanics at the hip, knee, or ankle. 

​At James Fowler Physical Therapy, our therapists specialize in proper mechanics of the whole leg to ensure that knees are not taking unnecessary stress through improper weight distribution from decreased strength or mobility. We account for every patients’ activities and needs, regardless of if you are dealing with chronic stiffness from a desk job or rehabilitating from a surgery. 

Some conditions we treat are listed here on this page, but bear in mind that this list is far from conclusive. If you do not see your specific problem, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Who We Help

We help anyone suffering from knee pain, restricted mobility, weakness, or other conditions that affect your knees. In a walking city like New York, people of all shapes, ages, and sizes visit us. We welcome you, too!

Our therapists treat:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Dislocation/Instability
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Ligament Tear
  • Meniscal or Cartilage Tear
  • Muscle Tear or Strain
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Nerve Entrapment
  • Post-Surgical Reconstruction
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Sport Technique Rehabilitation

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Addressing & Treating Knee Pain

There are many causes of knee pain, from the obvious - such as an automotive or sporting injury - to the less obvious - such as patella femoral syndrome, a result of muscular imbalance. For this reason, our treatments always begin with a thorough assessment of your symptoms, range of motion, flexibility, and strength. We want to ensure we properly understand your kneeds (okay, last pun, we swear) and work to address the root cause.


Treating arthritis in the knee with physical therapy has proved to be beneficial and reduce knee pain. While focusing on controlling symptoms, swelling and stiffness, our team of therapists will screen for muscular imbalances surrounding the knee joint work to improve mechanics to lower extremities.  


The main goals in treating bursitis in the knee is to control the swelling and work to build proper muscular mechanics surrounding the knee. Our PT’s will evaluate the patient’s biomechanics, injury history and gait and create a goal oriented plan of care to reduce pain and prevent further damaging the area.

Dislocation & Instability

Beginning therapy on the knee dislocation or instability starts with controlling symptoms including pain and swelling. From there, we work to regain the patient’s strength and  stability to the lower extremity, designing a functional training program to educate the patient on body mechanics to help prevent further episodes.

Ligament Tear

When rehabilitating ligament tears in the knee it is important to immediately work on safe range of motion. Weather the protocol is pre-surgery or post-surgery, we follow detailed care to ensure a prompt recovery. Our team of therapists will create a holistic plan of care for the injury including strengthening exercises, agility and balance all while performing manual therapy with every visit.

Meniscal or Cartilage Tear

Meniscal tears in the knee can often be treated without surgery and treatment protocols are tailored according to the severity of the injury. Maintaining proper range of motion, mechanics and muscular balance is essential to staying pain free. We treat meniscus tears with a combination of different manual therapy techniques, modalities as needed to control symptoms, and strengthening programs of the hip and lower extremities. All to ensure proper loading on the joint and avoid further injuring the menisci.  

Muscle Tear or Strain

When treating knee strains or tears it’s important to control the swelling and encourage pain free movement and flexibility to allow the injury to heal. Once the symptoms have improved, we will develop a rehabilitation plan to strengthen the supporting muscles around the knee and hip to educate the patient on proper warm-up and cool down exercise techniques to prevent future injuries.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

A proper assessment of the patient’s injury history, occupation and lifestyle helps determine the origin of the myofascial pain. Our therapists work to decrease myofascial pain around the knee with different manual techniques. In conjunction with manual therapy certain modalities can be incorporated to help control symptoms and lower stress levels to the area. In addition proper muscular re-education, stability and range of motion of the lower extremity will help prevent further episodes.

Nerve Entrapment

At James Fowler PT we treat nerve entrapment in the knee through manual therapy and stretching exercises to help lessen the pressure in the musculature that could be adding pressure to the nerve. Once symptoms have improved, we work on building a strengthening and biomechanical re-education in the surrounding muscle groups to help the patient stay pain free.

Post-Surgical Reconstruction

Post surgical reconstruction of the knee has different surgery variations depending on the injury. Our therapists will follow the surgeons postoperative protocol to regain the muscle control, increase the range of motion in the knee and stabilize the lower extremity. A comprehensive strengthening and flexibility program is created to work at our office with our trainers and at home. Our team of therapist set recovery goals for the patient to return to a full functioning lifestyle maintaining the integrity of the surgery.

Repetitve Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injuries in the knee benefit heavily from rest and hot and cold therapy. It’s important to identify the root of the cause of the strain by conducting a holistic assessment of the patient’s history, posture, gait, and over all activities to determine a proper recovery protocol. A combination of manual therapies and a detailed strengthening and muscular re-education program will help ensure the patient from developing future episodes.

Sports Technique Rehabilitation

Athletes with knee injuries require a rigorous but detailed rehabilitation process. At JFPT we analyze the the patients biomechanics and injury history before designing a treatment plan. We factor in the athletes sport and the stresses that are involved with the movements while competing and training. From there we educate the patient on alignment and efficient biomechanics to help improve their technique and reduce the chance of the injury recurring.

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

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We have been in our Union Square location for over 16 years and are proud of the reputation we have earned all over NYC.  Our treatment space is located in Lower Manhattan, a block North of Union Square. 

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Our dedicated and experienced team of therapists and paramedical support staff are what empower us to help our patients. 

Well-trained, experienced, and motivated to help you feel better, you can count on our team of physical therapists and massage therapists to help you move and feel better.

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  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

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