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The ability to walk, jog, and run without pain is often overlooked until its no longer our reality. Our team of therapists - physical therapists, massage therapists, and movement analysis - will help improve your mobility and reduce pain. We welcome you when you need us.

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Hip Pain Therapy

Located in Manhattan's Union Square, NYC

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Adequate hip strength and mobility are imperative for healthy backs and legs, particularly in a walking city like New York.

The pelvis acts as a weight bearing foundation for the spine and a portal to the lower limb. Inefficient movement patterns can develop from decreases in muscle length, strength, or neuromuscular connectivity to the brain.

​At James Fowler Physical Therapy, our team is devoted to fine tuning the intricacies of your body, as no injury and no person’s needs are the same. From minor hip and pelvic pain to nerve entrapment and post-surgical rehabilitation, our therapists are equipped to diagnose and maximize function and stability of the pelvic girdle.

Some conditions we treat are listed here on this page, but this list is by no means all-inclusive. If you do not see your specific problem, please feel free to get in touch.

Who We Help

We work with New Yorkers of all walks of life and across all age ranges. Hip injuries can happen as a result of automotive accidents, sports injuries, chronic conditions, and a myriad of other reasons.

Our therapists treat:

  • Hip and Pelvic Pain
  • Muscle Tear or Strain
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Nerve Entrapment
  • Post-Surgical Reconstruction
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Sports Technique Rehabilitation

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Addressing & Treating Hip Pain

Pain in the hips can be particularly frustrating, as it may present as symptoms that extend down into the legs and feet. Often, we see patients seeking to treat leg/feet/ankle injuries when their hips are the root cause of the problem, and it isn't until we take a deep dive into their concerns that they realize that its the hips that are the issue. Regardless of the cause, we work to understand your situation and apply the best treatments that are most likely to resolve your pain.

Hip & Pelvic Pain

Hip and pelvic pain can be extremely debilitating and painful. As the foundation for your spine and center of movement for the lower extremities, the pelvis is vital for a healthy body. Our team of Therapists do a thorough evaluation of the condition to get to the root of the pain. By doing so, we can work on muscular imbalances and re-educate the patient on pelvic girdle stability and proper hip mechanics so the condition does not recur.

Muscle Tear or Strain

Hip muscle tear and strains are often dynamic injuries and have to be treated in a dynamic fashion. The first step to treating a hip strain or tear is calming down the inflammation and pain. Then slowly building the strength and range of motion of the pelvic region. After strength and range are back we try re-educate the patient on proper mechanics and alignment.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

At James Fowler PT patients with myofascial pain syndrome in the hip will have their gate, injury history, strength and range of motion evaluated. A combination of different manual techniques including Active Release Techniques and Muscle Energy Techniques will help create a healthy environment for the musculoskeletal system to function properly. Our team of therapists can then develop a customized treatment plan with the main goals being: pain reduction, strength and flexibility.

Nerve Entrapment

We treat nerve entrapment with caution. Symptom control is priority when dealing with nerve entrapment as pressure to the nerve can cause further damage. Once the symptoms improve, our team of therapists and trainers can get to work on balancing muscular imbalances and improve the health of tissue surrounding the nerve. As it is with any other injury a full strength and range of motion assessment will take place to focus on the patient’s goals.

Repetitve Strain Injury

At JFPT we treat repetitive strain injuries in a holistic way. In order to let the strain heal prontly it is important to understand the cause of the problem. A look in to the patient's injury history, occupation and lifestyle helps guide our therapists to create a course of treatment to avoid further aggravating the strain. Then, our team can design a treatment plan including, movement re-education, manual therapies, strengthening and range of motion to build back to a healthy moving body.

Sports Technique Rehabilitation

When treating sports related hip injuries we like to start therapy as early as possible. While it is important to allow the body time to rest and heal, our goal is to work on safely restoring the patients stability and flexibility.  Proper muscular reeducation aided with multiple manual therapy techniques help build an understanding of the body’s abilities in relationship to the sport. Our team will work on protocols where the patient can work one on one for specific sports technique to help regain agility and control of the sport.

Post-Surgical Reconstruction

Post surgical hip reconstruction therapy is important to start as soon as the patient is allowed. Following close communication with the orthopedic surgical team, our team of therapists and trainers will create comprehensive programs to allow for prompt healing, strength and stability of the hip joint. Detailed muscular and mechanical reeducation in relationship to gait and posture will help the patient return promptly to a full functioning life.

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

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We have been in our Union Square location for over 16 years and are proud of the reputation we have earned all over NYC.  Our treatment space is located in Lower Manhattan, a block North of Union Square. 

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Our dedicated and experienced team of therapists and paramedical support staff are what empower us to help our patients. 

Well-trained, experienced, and motivated to help you feel better, you can count on our team of physical therapists and massage therapists to help you move and feel better.

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  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

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