Programs to Help You

Rest, Relax, or Recover

Programs to Help You

Rest, Relax, or Recover

Specialized Therapy Programs

Our unique programs that we offer are designed to supplement the work you are already doing.

Ergonomic Center

James Fowler Physical Therapy has partnered with Herman Miller and Creative Office Pavilion to bring patients the most technological ergonomic workplace tools. Paired with the Herman Miller work tools, we offer dynamic workplace movement coaching and custom chair/desk workplace fitting.


Return to Sports

At James Fowler Physical Therapy, we understand that the number one threat to an athlete's career is injury. This program uses "The James Approach" to facilitate an athelete's return to play by providing a "seamless transition" from post-physical rehabilitation to participating in a high level sport activity.

Tamir Kfir Orthotics

We are proud to offer Tamir Kfir's world leading custom made orthotics for athletes and everyday use. The orthotics are custom made using the Dynamic Motion Control Technique. Tamir's orthotics are designed for athletes and individuals to support everything from intense sports activity to everyday casual use. Athletes like Novak Djokovic, Dirk Nowitzki and Neymar Jr. all use Tamir Kfir Orthotics.

Wellness Program

James Fowler Physical Therapy is now taking Wellness to the next level, offering an expansive Corporate Wellness Program for your business. We understand that employees are the building blocks of your business; so whether you're looking to boost office morale, work productivity or job satisfaction, that's where we come in!


We encourage Yoga to be a part of the Physical Therapy process and getting back to a healthy lifestyle. Tara Lynch, a JFPT trainer and 300 hour Perri Institute of Mind and Body Certified instructor, will lead classes on Saturday. Come join us and find your own union with your body.