The World of Weight and Structure

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Author: James Fowler PT, ACSM, DEAS (Founder of James Fowler Physical Therapy) The World of Weight and Structure Before diving into the World of Weight and Structure, we must first understand energy and its relationship to the body. The term energy has various definitions and meanings.  It can be used to reference a source of vitality as in someone with … Read More

Marathon Interval Training

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Woman Running in a Park

Author: Christina Ramirez, PT, DPT I have run three marathons to date, and multiple half marathons. At first, my goal was just to finish the races without getting injured, but during my latest marathon, I set a time goal. I decided that the best way to beat my past times was to train more on hills and include intervals in my … Read More

Working Out in the Winter: Should You Do It?

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Surprise! You probably thought winter was coming to an end… and then “unexpectedly” New York City received 6 inches of snow after a 2 week streak of 50 degree+ temperatures. All around, runners were happily taking advantage of the warm weather. If you were not one of them, you were certainly dodging them on every city block. For those runners, … Read More

5 Reminders the 2016 USA Olympic Swimming Team Reminded Us About Competing

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While Olympic athletes are far from average, they still undergo body pain and injury. Each Olympic team is allowed a certain number of medical staff and said medical staff were hired to help maintain the wellbeing of the athlete. So we’ve put together a list of tips for your own recovery and success during competition based off the strategies of … Read More

Returning to Sports Post Injury

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Around the globe there are a number of great doctors, physical therapists and trainers who have taken on the task of guiding an athlete back to the field.  It’s a difficult task that requires a specific problem list, willingness to follow through and an intuitive nature to train the athlete in the moment.  Working with elite athletes comes with the challenge of … Read More