Marathon Interval Training

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Woman Running in a Park

Author: Christina Ramirez, PT, DPT I have run three marathons to date, and multiple half marathons. At first, my goal was just to finish the races without getting injured, but during my latest marathon, I set a time goal. I decided that the best way to beat my past times was to train more on hills and include intervals in my … Read More

Working Out in the Winter: Should You Do It?

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Surprise! You probably thought winter was coming to an end… and then “unexpectedly” New York City received 6 inches of snow after a 2 week streak of 50 degree+ temperatures. All around, runners were happily taking advantage of the warm weather. If you were not one of them, you were certainly dodging them on every city block. For those runners, … Read More

Post NYC Marathon: Christina Ramirez

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We did it fellow marathoners! Whether you were a first timer like me, or experienced, we passed that finish line during Sunday’s New York City Marathon and completed a momentous goal! Of course, after that much physical activity, the muscle soreness is inevitable. I am personally in the midst of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) today and hating every time … Read More

NYC Marathon Training (Part 3) The Anterior Tibialis a.k.a Shin Muscle

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By: Christina Ramirez DPT, CKTP  We are about five weeks away from the New York City Marathon which means running longer distances than most runners are used to running. I had an on-again, off-again running routine of about 15-20 miles per week leading up to training for the marathon. I have also run numerous half marathons, two on back-to-back days, but … Read More

Intellectual Benefits to Running (Part 2)

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By: Christina Ramirez  PT, DPT, CKTP As a runner, I like to think that running is one of the most enjoyable and healthy ways to exercise; but the reality is there are many ways to exercise and gain many benefits from physical fitness, to positive emotional health, to intellectual growth. A recent article in the New York Times, written by Gretchen … Read More

NYC Marathon Training (Part 1)

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It is Marathon training season; at least here in New York City. Over 50,000 people are training for the New York City marathon that will take place on November 6 this year, and I am one of them! My name is Christina Ramirez, and I have been a recreational runner for about 3 years now, completing my first half marathon … Read More

A Runner’s Guide to New York City

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After 6pm on summer weekdays, walking down the street also means jumping out of the way for the multitude of runners taking advantage of the cool evenings. For many, running is a lifestyle. You know your local running shop, the best trails, and the various running groups. It is a way to clear your head and get the exercise your … Read More

PT: Shoes or Flip Flops

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A recent study compared ten healthy young males walking at a set pace in running shoes, flip-flops, sandals (think Adidas slippers), and barefoot1. Shoes were found to produce less Ground Reaction Force (GRF), meaning less force going through the foot as the foot contacts and pushes off from the ground. Barefoot walking produced the greatest GRF, with sandals and flip-flops … Read More

Foot strike Reeducation

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Patient has a history of stress fractures on 3rd and 4th metatarsals and navicular bone. Patient spent many years as a competitive gymnast. In this video the patient is learning to transition from a severe forefoot runner to a mid-foot strike. We will be recommending Tamir Kafir orthotics for improve force absorption. ​ For information on orthotics visit: