How to Handle Knee Pain: Signs, Symptoms, Potential Causes, & What to Do

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Knee Pain Signs & Symptoms

Moving through daily life performing necessary activities and navigating through obstacles you encounter requires varying levels of exertion from your body, especially your joints. Medically, a joint is defined as the site of the junction or union of two or more bones of the body. It provides motion and flexibility to the frame of the body. One of the joints … Read More

NYC Marathon Training (Part 1)

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It is Marathon training season; at least here in New York City. Over 50,000 people are training for the New York City marathon that will take place on November 6 this year, and I am one of them! My name is Christina Ramirez, and I have been a recreational runner for about 3 years now, completing my first half marathon … Read More

Are You Squatting Correctly?

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Squats are one of the best exercises to increase your fitness and strength- but only if they are done properly. To make sure your squats aren’t falling victim to poor technique and improper initiation of the squat. People often initiate squats by bending the knees and dropping their weight straight down. The knees then come too far past the toes, … Read More